Benefits of Membership

There are many reasons why, as a woodworker, you should join your local guild. We feel that the most important reason is that you will become part of a community of like-minded people who are willing to share their experiences in our craft and to as well are anxious to know about your woodworking. It is what we see as our mission: Developing a Community of Woodworking.

Guild Benefits

Vendor Discounts

We have established agreements with woodworking service-providers and suppliers that allow our members to buy at a discount.

Klingspor Woodworking is a company well-known for providing abrasives (sandpaper and related). They also provide a wide variety of other products including tools, glue, clamps, books, wood, etc. They do require that we send them the name and address of members who want the discount they offer. Guild members can choose to be part of their discount or to opt-out. Many members do sign up because they offer a 10% discount on most of their extensive catalog. Members can check a box to get this discount when they join or renew. Otherwise, contact if you want to be on the list or have other questions!