Details for the August 2019 Skills Builder Meeting

Our next meeting (August 26, 2019) won’t be like most of our meetings. There won’t be the usual announcements (did I hear a thank goodness?) There won’t be a safety moment or a ‘show and tell’ session. There will not be chairs set up, although we will have a few around to let people ‘set a spell’ if they need to do so.

Nor will there be a single person giving a 40-minute presentation.

What there will be is an opportunity to see live-time demonstrations of woodworking presented by four Guild members.

The goal of this, our annual ‘skills builder’ meeting, is to show a variety of ideas and methods related to woodworking. Our teachers for this meeting have prepared for you a mini-woodworking show explaining and showing the skills they have chosen.

The presentations will start at 7:00 pm. You can stay as long as you’d like. If you spend 15 to 20 minutes with each presenter, you will be done around 8:30 pm. Feel free to spend whatever time works for you. If you have a question that hits when you are at a different demonstration, you can go back and ask. It’s all pretty informal.

Here are the topics.
Build Your Own Multifunctional Table (MFT)
Bill Cogswell will present the techniques for you to build your own portable bench that is an organized Swiss-cheese of dog holes. This bench will serve you who need mobility or lack the space for a full-size bench. There is a multitude of tools and gadgets that make MFT tables that are incredible. These have been popularized by the Festool style MFT tables. Bill will be located in the meeting room along the long corridor at Arbutus.

Terry Liberty will demonstrate an art within Japanese woodworking known as ‘komiko’. Komiko is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique made of wooden strips to form various designs and patterns. Terry will show what you need to get started.

Ivy Ayers
Guild member Ivy is gifted with her carving prowess and talent. Her first artwork that she shared was an incredibly lifelike carving of a hand. She continues to improve her artistry. Ivy will be showing her techniques and tools and explaining her skill and creativity.

Aging Wood
Fran Fong
Fran is the Arbutus Folk School artist-in-residence. You only need to see his cedar tool chest to know that he is a very accomplished woodworker. Fran will be reviewing two or three ways to age wood. Why would you need to know how to age wood? Come and find out from Fran!

The presenters are expecting to have 15 or so minutes of material and will repeat it during the course of the evening. This allows everyone a chance to go from one demonstration to another without fear of missing anything.
See you there!